How to using a guitar capo

Update : June 2012 Sorry to all, the author of this article has claimed and I have to delete this post..

But you have to calm down, there is easy way to learn the guitar capo, how to do this?

Just Visit YOUTUBE.COM and type

"how to play guitar with capo" or "guitar capo tutorials"

Enjoy.. go guitarist and keep rock.. Sorry..
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Dream Theater Band .. I like you !!

Before i know about Dream Theater, i ever thing that the best Band is Yngwie Malmsteen, of course because the band song are full with guitar melody composition. But today, i know more about John Petrucci, He is one of the best guitarist in the world and I like him. John play as guitarist in Dream Theater, he can play guitar as well and the most important about John Petrucci guitar style is "complex sounds compositions" that's right.. i feel hard to learn more from Dream Theater songs.. but it's caused i like John Petrucci Band.. it's unique and high class band !! you may also like about Dream theater History,, okay let see,, i found it on wikipedia check this out

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Andy McKee Guitar Drifting Video is amazing

Yesterday, i got the Andy McKee Guitar Drifting Video from my friend, Andy McKee is one of the best guitar player with high technique that i ever seen, truly, i never know about Andy before, but now, i want to know more about Him. You may also like Guitar Playing Video from Him.. check this.. i hope the Video link still available from youtube..Amazing !!

My point for Andy Mckee Guitar Drifting Video
- Cool technique
- Tapping
- Hammer On
- Fingering
- Great composition
- Nice Tempo
So.. what about you guys...
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Best Yngwie Malmsteen Guitar Album - Magnum Opus

One of the best guitar album from Yngwie Malmsteen is Magnum Opus, this is the first Malmsteen Album that was inspired Me to play guitar. Magnum Opus come with many of great guitar songs, one of my favorite song is Vengeance, that's awesome, speed guitar playing and also great sound !! Yngwie Malmsteen play well !! in fact, a lot of guitar album from Yngwie Malmsteen in out there, I have a lot of collection Yngwie Malmsteen songs, and from all that exists, I still chose and recommended an magnum opus album for you, if you're a guitarist, you should listen to the songs on the magnum opus album, You definitely will feel the greatness of the Yngwie Malmsteen !!

Here is the songs list from Magnum Opus Album By Yngwie Malmsteen :
1. Vengeance
2. No Love Lost
3. Tomorrow's gone
4. The only one
5. i'd die without you
6. Overture 1622
7. Voodoo
8. Cross the line
9. Time will tell
10. Fire in the sky
11. Amberdawn
12. Castabile

Okay.. have fun ..
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