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Band in a box software I use Guitar track pro or cubase for make music, and i use Guitar Rig for my Guitar effect,Fruity Loop for my drum sound. Because i'm Indonesian and my hobby is to make a music with computer and off course guitar, so i usualy use music production software for easy to make music. Now i found this article post by JDreller about Band in a box software, you can see review from him, also little review in here see more.

"I have never seen a program, any program, that has this many features. The folks at PG Music must be a bunch of overachievers to put this thing together. I've been watching this program since it hit the market years ago and they keep making incredible strides with every addition. GOOD JOB. Basically, Band-in-a-Box is the ultimate songwriter's toolkit. Import (or type in) sheet music or just the chords and this bad boy starts playing the music including all of the bass, drum, keyboard, piano, and strings tracks. It even writes solos based on a groove criteria. The best part of this software is that it has literally hundreds of "groove templates" to direct a song in specific genres including jazz, blues, funk, rock, folk, and all of the levels inbetween. I would say this is crucial for anyone trying to learn how to play an instrument, because it creates instant accompaniement tracks that you can customize to solo over. ( JDreller)"

You can try Band in a box software , cubase or cakewalk for music productions it's recommended from me
Keep rock brother ..!!!

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