Joe Satriani first G3 guitar tour

Joe Satriani first G3 guitar tour live in 2006, Joe satriani, steve vai, and eric johnson. This first year featured Joe Satriani, Steve Vai and Eric Johnson (plus Kenny Wayne Shepherd for the first few shows) and toured North America. G3 a great colaboration guitarist on guitar tour, amazing and very awesome.
here the band :

Joe Satriani's band lineup included Stu Hamm on bass and Jeff Campitelli on drums.

Steve Vai's band lineup included Mike Keneally on rhythm guitar, sitar, keyboards & percussion, Philip Bynoe on bass and Mike Mangini on drums.

Eric Johnson's band lineup included Stephen Barber on keyboards, Roscoe Beck on bass and Brannen Temple on drums. Joe Satriani first G3 guitar tour is the begining a fantastic music live from guitarist in colaborations

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