Learn to Play Guitar Beginners

Learn to Play Guitar Beginners, many people ask to me how to "Learn to Play Guitar for Beginners" ? now, i want to share my experience on playing and learn guitar. Basicly, if you want to "Learn to Play Guitar as Beginners", you must learn about chord guitar lesson, and then warming up, fingering lesson, guitar technique, guitar scale and more. Very importan for you, you must learn about chord first and fingering warmup lesson. oke let's get started

1. Learn basic chord, like G Major, Aminor, C, D and E
2. learn warming up fingering guitar lesson
3. Learn guitar scale
4. Learn harmonize guitar lesson

If you can do this tip's, i'm promise, you can burn you guitar..
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end of Learn to Play Guitar Beginners
Thank's you and good luck .. ^_^
By : Ganjar.N , i bought this lesson from my guitar course file and more..

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