Slash teach Lindsay Lohan in Guitar Lessons

Slash teach Lindsay Lohan in Guitar Lessons? Yeah Maybe Slash can give her more experince and maybe Slash can teach Lindsay Lohan Guitar lessons on how to be the great guitar player, Oke let read the story from Slash teach Lindsay Lohan in Guitar Lessons. - Lindsay Lohan has begged the former Guns N’ Roses rocker to help her brush up on her strumming guitar skills. Lindsay Lohan said: 'Can you maybe give me guitar lessons? I’ve lost any sort of magic touch I’ve ever had.' Lindsay – who has previously released two pop albums – took guitar classes for her role in 2003’s 'Freaky Friday'.

Slash is no stranger to helping musicians improve their skills. On the last series of 'American Idol', the wild haired star appeared as a mentor and showed the budding performers how to wow audiences with their stage presence.

Slash, The wild haired musician recently revealed he would rather play guitar for Fergie than reform Guns N’ Roses – who he left in 1996. Slash joined Fergie on stage at two shows, performing a medley of hits by the Black Eyed Peas and Guns N’ Roses classic ‘Sweet Child O Mine’. Speaking after one performance, he said: 'Fergie’s the only way you’ll hear Slash right now.'. End. Slash teach Lindsay Lohan in Guitar Lessons

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