Taylor Swift on Country Music Awards (CMA)

New comer Taylor Swift is one of the winner Country Music Award (CMA). He is made the new story on Country Music Awards (CMA). Taylor Swift on Country Music Awards (CMA) is amazing news.. Taylor Swift is the youngest award, she bring award at 19 years old. Not only one awards, but she got 4 award on Country Music Award, included the best album award. Country Music Award launched at Sommet Center, Nashville, November 11. Swift said " I will never forget this moment".

At the last 10 years ago, none got award on women singer, the last got award for women is shania twain 1999, and Taylor Swift has break it at Country Music Award this years.
On all music genre, 'Fearless' album Taylor successed get the 2nd top selling after Michael Jackson. And Darius Rucker is the first one african skin who got Country Music Award CMA

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Louise Friday, 11 December, 2009  

I’m a huge fan of Taylor Swift. I like her songs because when you listen to her music, it makes you feel what she feels. Taylor Swift has always been one of my favourite country music artists and I couldn't pass up any opportunity to see her even if tickets are hard to come by. But I still go to her concerts & sing along to all her songs after founding this site:


Anonymous Saturday, 19 December, 2009  

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