Fender Guitar VS Ibanez Guitar

Fender Guitar VS Ibanez Guitar !! wow this is my opinion about Fender Guitar and Ibanez Guitar. This is very complicated post because i love Fender and also Ibanez, but at this post i just want to share for you What is Fender and What is Ibanez for me. Remember, this is just my opinion if you like or hate, please don't read my post and piss !! this is for Guitarist and Guitar Lover !!

Fender Guitar :
My first Guitar,  I have one Fender Stratocaster, like Yngwie Malmsteen Guitar, my Fender look very elegan, comfortable on the hand, and easy for play. I bought Fender at 16 years old. Fender electric guitar is very great for playing blues, country, or slowly music tempo. My Fender Electric guitar now i used for record my song, with Guitar Rig, i have one great combination on Guitar and Guitar Effect.

Ibanez :
This is my favorite electric guitar, i love Ibanez PGM model. yeah you know like Paul Gilbert and Steve Vai and also Joe Satriani used Ibanez electric guitar. Ibanez Guitar have more features for me, like 24 of fingerboard and more small fingerbiard than Fender, this is very great fingerboard model for playing shred guitar. If you most play Speed Guitar Lick, you may also like playing with Ibanez electric guitar. Amazing Guitar !!!

I love Fender electric guitar and Ibanez electric guitar, i have Fender, but i will buy Ibanez for the next time.. if you want to buy Electric Guitar, please remember, please take care your Guitar !! ^_^
Rock !!

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