Basic Guitar Chord Exercise for Beginner Guitarist

Basic Guitar Chord Exercise for Beginner Guitarist. learn to play guitar is not hard, all you need is patience to play. Here I want to share and reminded the beginners who want to learn guitar that if you can play the guitar chords, then you can learn other guitar techniques with ease. Easy but not without having to learn. some basic guitar chords are often used are the guitar chords : A, G, D, C this is the basic chords are often used by the beginner guitar player. You can play guitar and sing songs like Gun N Roses "Knockin Heaven Door" with this chord.

A Chord
G Chord
D Chord
C Chord
Ok let practice guys... !!

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Jeff Clark Thursday, 07 June, 2012  

I really wish to learn how to play a guitar, so I am looking for free guitar lessons for beginners.. hope you can help me. thanks in advance!

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