Gibson Les Paul is beautiful electric guitar

This is just my opinion about "Gibson Les Paul Electric guitar", yeah Gibson Les Paul is very beautiful, sound in very nice. Last week, my friend bought Gibson Electric guitar to the home, he sell electric guitar bass to buy this guitar ha.. ha.. hallo Jay your bass is sold dude!! yeah he's name is Jay, He sell Ibanes Guitar bass to but Gibson Les Paul. I try Gibson with Guitar Rig Software, and wow.. the sound is awesome.. very wide and clean i like it !!! the pic like this..

This is more better than my Fender Strat in my home, but still same with 22 guitar fret :( thie mean you can't play guitar sweep or guitar melody more wide.. But so far Les Paul is better than Fender (just my opinion dude ..). Yeah.. Gibson Guitar les paul series is comfortable on my hand, little bigger than Ibanez but it's fine and no problem for me.Nice Guitar Jay ha.. ha..

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Joshie Wednesday, 03 February, 2010  

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