Joe satriani band - Satriani Band Crew

Joe satriani band - Satriani Band Crew, well did you know about "who band with Joe Satriani Guitar live?" right.. and here we go.. Joe Satriani Band :

Joe satriani band Live Band
Joe Satriani - Guitars
Jeff Campitelli - Drums
Stu Hamm - Bass
Galen Henson - Additional Guitar

Joe satriani band Live Tour Crew
Galen Henson - Tour Manager
Mike Manning - Guitar Tech / Zen Master
Russ Giroux - Production Manager / FOH Sound Engineer
John "JJ" James - monitors
Jose Baraquio - Drum Tech
Rob Dawson - Bass/Rhythm Guitar Tech
Ernesto Corti - Lighting Designer / Director
John Iverson - "Club Joe" platinum pass co-ordinator
Thomas Jacques - Merchandise

Mick Brigden - Direction
Mike Manning - Guitar Tech / Zen Master
Jon Luini - Internet / Web

Recent Studio Recording: "Professor Satchafunkilus and the Musterion of Rock"
Joe Satriani - Guitars / Bass / Keyboards / Producer
Jeff Campitelli - Drums, Percussion
Matt Bissonette - Bass
John Cuniberti - Producer / Engineer / Mixer / percussion
ZZ Satriani - tenor sax
Mike Boden - Digital Editing & Assistant Engineer
Eric Caudieux - Digital Editing & Sound Design

Joe satriani band : Other Album/Tour Alumni
Super Colossal Band & Crew
Is There Love In Space? Band & Crew

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