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Rickenbacker guitars - guitar history - Rickenbacker guitars, i thing this is not so popular Guitars brand now, yeah we know that Gibson Guitar, Fender Guitar and also Ibanez guitar is most popular than "Rickenbacker guitars" now. But, Rickenbacker guitars have a beautiful history, yeah The Beatles used this guitar, and The Rickenbacker guitars is very popular at Beatles still booming, if you want to know more about rickenbacker guitars, you can read my this post about it. If you want to know more and complete article, you can do to wikipedia, ok guys this is some history of Rickenbacker guitars from wikipedia.. have fun

Rickenbacker International Corporation, also known as Rickenbacker (pronounced /ˈrɪkənbækər/) ), is an electric guitar manufacturer, notable for putting the world's first electric guitars into general production in 1932. All production takes place at its headquarters in Santa Ana, California.

The company was founded in 1931 as the Ro-Pat-In Corporation (ElectRo-Patent-Instruments) by Adolph Rickenbacher and George Beauchamp in order to sell electric Hawaiian guitars. These instruments had been designed by Beauchamp, assisted at the National String Instruments Corporation by Paul Barth and Harry Watson. They chose the brand name Rickenbacher (later changed to Rickenbacker), though early examples bear the brand name Electro.

Nicknamed "frying pans" because of their long necks and circular bodies, the instruments were the first solid-bodied electric guitars, though they were a lap-steel type. They had pickups with a pair of horseshoe magnets that arched over the strings. By the time production ceased in 1939, several thousand "frying pans" had been produced.

Electro String also sold amplifiers to go with their electric guitars. A Los Angeles radio manufacturer named Van Nest designed the first Electro String production-model amplifier. Shortly thereafter, design engineer Ralph Robertson further developed the amplifiers, and by the 1940s at least four different Rickenbacker models were made available. James B. Lansing of the Lansing Manufacturing Company designed the speaker in the Rickenbacker professional model. During the early 1940s, Rickenbacker amps were sometimes repaired by Leo Fender, whose repair shop evolved into the Fender Electric Instrument Manufacturing Company.(wikipedia)

Some people like Rickenbacker model, yeah people have a personal mod and favorite model, but i think it is beautiful guitar....

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