For Guitarist - The Best Ibanez Electric Guitars Under $600

For Guitarist - The Best Ibanez Electric Guitars Under $600 - When it comes to the flashiest, best selling acoustic electric guitars, the name brand Ibanez is destined for greatness. Not only do they have a wide selection of electric guitars, they're eye catching to look at. While
you may think these spectacular looking guitars look high priced, there are many under the low price of $600. Below I have listed the best selection of Ibanez Acoustic Electric guitars under $600.

Ibanez A300E: With the new arched back design of the Ibanez A200E, it produces sound that has rarely ever been heard. The sound on this guitar is so clear and smooth it will even sound perfect without even being plugged in. The sound on this guitar can easily be maximized thanks to the supplied Fishman Sonicore pickup. For those of you that worry about the tune constantly changing on your guitar, there's an onboard tuner for you to tweak according to your needs. As with any Ibanez guitar, you can pick and choose your colors and gradients. Price $590-$595

Ibanez AEG10E: When it comes to getting the best for your buck, the AEG10E surely will be your best bet. Not only does this acoustic electric guitar have major "soundage", it also features Fishman Sonicore pickup and a shape shifter EQ. The Shape Shifter feature has a tone shaper that allows you to change the loudness without stopping your recordings. The on board tuner will allow you to phase reverse in order to stop all that excess feedback that may occur during live performances. The super convenient battery compartment enables you to make easy battery changes at the blink of an eye. Price $300

Ibanez A200E: The Ibanez A200E comes packed and ready to use straight out of the package. The excellent voice of the A200E can be accredited to the Fishman Aero preamp. Due to the new design of the A200e, you can now unleash your fury with a great tonal pronunciation. This guitar features both ¼ inch and XLR outputs. Price $500.
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Stephen Tuesday, 09 March, 2010  

That Ibanez acoustic electric guitar is fantastic! Well, all of the ones you posted here, but I'm definitely eyeballing the A200E. May have to pick one up for myself sometime (when I have the spare cash, that is, lol).

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