guitarist who has become a rock legend

guitarist who has become a rock legend - who the best guitarist of all time? the answers is very much, they are a very great guitarist and has succeeded in making music and the result is a very beautiful creations. Who does not know Jimi Hendrix? This guitarist has a lot give inspiration to all people, of course for guitarist in the all around the world, a lot of guitarists who learned from Jimi Hendrix. I am one of them, I love this rock legend, he's very good playing guitar, his blues style is very intense.

Joe Satriani one of the great guitar teacher is also a lot to learn and study the techniques of Jimi Hendrix's guitar style. Why are they so admired? why they became a legend the best guitar player? work and style? a lot of guitarists who have their own characteristics, Jimi Hendrix-style blues, same as like BB King, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai with a great sound system style, Yngwie Malmsteen, and also can play the guitar very quickly. from here we can see why they can become a great guitarist and remembered for all time, and be the "guitar legend". best playing, style and creation !!

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