Learn Guitars? we need more time to do this !!

Learn Guitars ? It is not easy to learn guitar, we need a lot of time to play the guitar, many people who think that playing guitar is easy, but after they tried to play the guitar, they will know !! THEIR just know that it takes patience to learn guitar as well as time. The time is required to train our fingers so I could adjust to the conditions of the guitar. iam  as a guitar player can make 2 important points about learning guitar, basic learning guitar, second is to learn guitar like as experts.

To play guitar with sing a song is easy, we just only need to learn chords, but if we want to be an adept guitar playing we have to learn again, like a guitar technique, sweep, tapping and others. Let's take the example of Steve Vai, and Metallica, how much time they need to be adept at playing the guitar? I'm sure more than 2-3 years to be able to play the guitar as a whole. I just wanted to remind the readers, if we want to play guitar as good, we need more time, prepare well our patience, learning the guitar also requires patience and most importantly, must be consistent.. good luck !!
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