Steve Vai is the Master Guitar Effect Sound !!

Who is not familiar with Steve Vai? Steve Vai is a very great guitarist. Steve Vai Guitar Sounds is awesome !! He is one of Joe Satriani Student. Steve Vai have a great skill, there is to make the guitar sound be strange, weird, which means magic. Steve Vai can make the guitar sound more lively, I think Steve Vai is one of the best guitarist in the world, He can play guitar quickly , Steve Vai can plays guitar with his fingers with a very perfect, fast and accurate.

Guitar sound is one of Steve Vai expertise. I always feel amazed when he plays the guitar, the sound of his guitar is so beautiful, guitar note composition that was so complicated that I mention he is a modern composer. Maybe we can make the "guitar sound" better using a guitar effect, but that are you can make the sound of horses from the guitar? Steve Vai can do it. So..  just one word for Steve Vai .. you're amazing!

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steven clark Friday, 11 June, 2010  

Yes, i can read it and find its effective sound

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