How fast can you play Guitar?

Truly, there is nothing about speed guitar lick, Speed is the second thing for me, but How fast can you play Guitar?, we need more sample for this question. For example, Yngwie Malmsteen is one of the best player who can palying guitar with very fast speed, Joe Satriani and Steve Vai too. But, Paul Gilbert is my favorite.. why? because he can play guitar with high tempo but very accurate !!! This is the most important think for all guitar player.. TEMPO and ACCURATE !!

I have a lot of friend who can play guitar, byt there is only few from they who can play guitar well, i thing this is the big problem for all guitarist in the world, they only thing about speed and fast only, they forgeoten that accurate note is the most important than speed. If you ever seen Joe Satriani Guitar lessons, you can found that he always remember that if you want to start your guitar lessons, you must use metronome..

So.. How fast can you play Guitar?

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