timeguitar.blogspot.com reached 200 post !!

Hi guys.. this is my 200 of post !! This blog (http://timeguitar.blogspot.com) is absolutely my guitar blog.. yeah this is all about Guitar lessons, video, guitar tab, tips and trick and more. So.. i'm very happy now. i want to say thanks you for all reader who come in to this place, hope you like it and help full for you.. what next plan for this blog? give more information about guitar and specially online guitar lessons resource.

I love guitar and i love writing.. so this blog is perfect for me.. Guys.. playing guitar is not all about sound, but there is more thing than it, and what is that? feel and soul !! I like playing guitar with my soul, there is more fun than only play with nothing !! Touch you guitar slowly or fast picking, but keep feeling for more great sound.. So guys.. thanks for coming and enjoy for all !!!!

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