Guitar Hero 5 from Xbox Live Game on Windows Phones 7

Today, if you are the Guitar Hero 5 lover, you can play it on Windows Phones 7. That's right, Microsoft has give more fun for us. How to get it? if you have Xbox Live Account, you can login to it and search any game you want, play it on your Mobile phones with Windows Phones 7, i thing the real guitarist will love it ha ha.. 

Here is some game from Xbox Live Game for Windows Phones 7
1. Guitar Hero 5
2. Assassin's Creed
3.  Splinter Cell: Conviction

Here is some popular creator:
1. Konami
2. GameLoft
3. PopCap

This features will be try first on HTC Mobile Phones and LG Mobile phones, and maybe another mobile phones brand with new Windows Phones 7 Operating System..

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