How to Play Classical Guitar Song? try Air on the G String !!

We know that classical guitar is not easy to play, you must to know more about fingering and picking with your hand. Guys.. but, how to play classical guitar song? let see .. A lot of guitarist like classical guitar, you can see Yngwie Malmsteen style, He play Guitar with classical inspiration, He also play with high speed, of course the speed picking is more beautiful for speed lover, but not all of people like it, e.g Me, i like speed but i love slow play too, Classical guitar is very beautiful, all you need is practice the easy classical guitar song as like Air on the G String By J.S Bach. Here is the important thing before you can play classical guitar song :

1. Practice about Chord
2. Practice about Finger position
3. Get left hand guitar warm up guitar lessons
4. Practice picking with your right hand

Note : the best way to play classical guitar is use your special acoustic guitar with nylon string, get practice "Air on the G string Guitar song" about 2 hours.. 
Good luck !!

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