Best Guitar tutorials on the net?

A lot of people want to play guitar with free way, Best Guitar tutorials on the net? Internet is one the best place to get it? but what about the best place to play it? okay let talks about the question "where is the best guitar tutorials on the net?". Guys.. for me, learn about guitar is easy, you can get the best guitar tutorials every where, of course you can find guitar lessons or guitar tutorials here in my guitar blog. don't thing that one website can coverage all of your needs. I just want to tell you that "playing guitar is all about practice" that's all, the most important thing is "find the basic of guitar lessons" and then find the next thing about guitar.

Okay if you want to play it more, i suggest you go to ultimateguitar, yeah i love that. You can find the basic guitar lessons to advance guitar lessons. chords lessons, guitar warming up, guitar scales, guitar technique, and more.. so you don't need the "best guitar lessons on the net" you just only need "all basic guitar lessons" Forum is the best place to learn all about guitar, you can join with gibson forum, fender forums and also ultimate guitar forums..  that's all, remember, if you're the beginner guitar player, you must remember about : chord lessons, guitar scale lessons, guitar technique, and warming up"

Good luck for all of you..  guitars is Rock !!

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