Learning How To Play a Guitar in Six Month

Well, when I was young, when i 14 years old, i try to find the better way to play a guitar, i need the real Guitar Lessons Method for my Guitar learning library. So. to do that, I started to fing the best Guitar Course in my place, i find it and i learn more from this ( YFMB Guitar Course). Guys.. I always like watching guitar concert as like Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen and also Paul Gilbert. They are my inspiration, but i thing They are so lucky, because They can play guitar like easy.. i don't why, how long to be the best guitar player?

Learning How To Play a Guitar in Six Month. yeah.. in six month !! i get more guitar lessons and tips and trick from my guitar course, and yeas i like it.. so what the thing that i got from my guitar course place? Here is the red line ^_^

2. Play nicely Guitar Chord
3. Learn about Guitar notation as like Guitar Tab
4. Scale Teaching
5. Tempo
6. Improvisation
7. Guitar Technique ( tapping, hammer-on, pull-of, and more..)

So.. How long can you learn about guitar?

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Cody Mcbeth Tuesday, 07 September, 2010  

Thanks for your kind help, your post is short but it's really very inspirational, playing guitar is not a tough job just focus on tabs and chords and start playing slowly first.

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