Pentatonic scale

I like this scale...because this scale is very nice sound and can be change mode
it can be use to slow music like blues or another slow tempo
but it can be use to ROCK !!!!
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To most players, a scale is
just a memorized fingering pattern. Sure, the pattern contains notes, and the notes have names, but its still just a pattern. I will use the term 'pattern' to refer to a set of places (frets) on the guitar neck where you will find the notes in a scale.

Here is a pentatonic pattern:

||-----|-----|--O--|-----|-----|--O--|-----| ||-----|-----|--O--|-----|-----|--O--|-----| ||-----|-----|--O--|-----|--O--|-----|-----| ||-----|-----|--O--|-----|--O--|-----|-----| ||-----|-----|--O--|-----|--O--|-----|-----| ||-----|-----|--O--|-----|-----|--O--|-----|

The picture shows a 'top view' of a right handed neck. The horizontal lines are strings and the vertical lines are frets. The letters to the left side of the 'neck' are the string names (and tunings). The O's are the places to play. We will soon see that this pattern is one of many ways to play a pentatonic scale. Remember we are really talking about patterns *NOT* scales.
Another look at the pattern:

E ||-----|-----|--1--|-----|-----|--2--|-----|
B ||-----|-----|--4--|-----|-----|--5--|-----|
G ||-----|-----|--2--|-----|--3--|-----|-----|
D ||-----|-----|--5--|-----|--1--|-----|-----|
A ||-----|-----|--3--|-----|--4--|-----|-----|
E ||-----|-----|--1--|-----|-----|--2--|-----|

The numbers represent each unique note in the pattern. If we start on the bottom string and play from left to right, we will be playing the notes (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 1, 2). There are only 5 unique notes! No duh? Thats why it's called a PENTA(meaning 5) TONIC(meaning note or tone) pattern. Now what? Well, as most experienced players will tell you, this is the pattern to learn. Although there are *MANY* ways to memorize the notes in a pentatonic scale, this is the most common way to do it.I will leave you with the following exercises in TAB to help you get familiar with the given pentatonic pattern. Next week, we will take a look at ocatves and more pentatonic fingerings. In a couple of weeks we will give the pattern a good work-out by having a technique/lick lesson.

exercise: (playing the pentatonic scale at the 5th fret)





exercise: (play '3 notes down' then 'back up')

-8-5----5--------------------------------------| -----8----8-5-8-5--5---------------------------| ----------------------7-7-5-7-5-5--------------| ----------------------------------7-7-5-7-5----| ---------------------------------------------7-| -----------------------------------------------|

exercise: (skipping strings)

-------------------------5----------l ---5--------------8-----------------l ----------5-----------------7-------l ------7--------------7--------------l --------------7---------------------l ------------------------------------l
Practice each of these to a metronome at a tempo that is easy - then work
the tempo up until you can't play the exercise. Make note of your highest
tempo at each pratice session and always try to improve!

Source: Bill Quinn

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