7 string electric guitar Schecter Omen

Here is the another 7 string electric guitar come from Schecter Omen. I found this "7 strings electrics guitars" from 7-string-guitars.com. Schecter Omen 7 7-String Electric Guitar with black color look very nice, you can play and adjust 7 string electric guitar Schecter Omen for any music style and of course for rock and punk lover he.. he.. great 7 string guitars. two thumbs up !!

7 string electric guitar Schecter Omen Review

* Stable tuners
* Duncan-designed humbacker pickups
* Quick adjustability during playing
* Solid Basswood body
* Suitable for different style of music
* Low B string enables to play bar chords smoothly and affordable price


* Heavy
* Little rough frets
* E,A,D is too high and G, B, E is too low

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