Best 7 string guitar from ibanez XPT707FX Xiphos

I love and very like best 7 string guitar from ibanez  XPT707FX Xiphos. Steve vai has inspire me for play more guitar and learn about 7 string guitar lessons, and i look he use 7 strings guitar model, looks very cool and more amazing sound compositions from guitar. I found best 7 string from ibanez guitar from web.  "ibanez  XPT707FX Xiphos", you can play more creative and more wide with this guitar. here is Best 7 string guitar from ibanez  XPT707FX Xiphos picture.

ibanez  XPT707FX Xiphos Review

* Grey Chameleon change color every time you move
* Neck and bridge positions is loaded with DiMarzio D Activator humbucking pickups
* Neck-thru for good sustain
* Reversed Sharktooth Inlay and Jumbo frets
* High E is not located in above the magnet but does not affect the sound
* Still needs pick-up adjustment

Ibanez electrict guitar 7 string xpt707fx xiphos is recomended from
Have fun.. !!

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