Simple tips for Beginners Guitarist on Guitar Lessons

Tired for learn about Guitar Lessons? maybe you feel like that if you newbie, but you can try this.. this is my experience learn guitar lessons. Simple tips for beginner guitarist? yeah first think you must can play chord. This is the most important. If you can play chord and sing a song, you can more easy to learn guitar lessons this is step by step for beginner guitar lessons.

1. Learn about key and chord theory
2. After that, you must can play song and sing a song with your guitar
3. Practice how to read tablature
4. Practice warmup exercise for guitar fingering training
5. Practice scale guitar lessons
6. Practice Speed Guitar Lick ( use metronome dude.. !! )
7. Practice Guitar Tehnique
8. Practice Improvisations Guitar lessons

Done !! 1-2 hours / day to get maximun lessons experince and good result
Good luck for you and never give up !!
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Simple tips for Beginners Guitarist on Guitar Lessons

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