Exotic Scale Free Lessons - Best exotic scale to learn

Exotic Scale Free Lessons - Best exotic scale to learn !! Did you know Yngwie Malmsteen? yeah he used Harmonic scale, that is very exotic scale for me, i love it, oke now Did you ever hear about Major Phrygian? that is used to by Yngwie Malmsteen, Exotic Scale is very beautiful scale to learn and to use, i love it like Diminished Scale from Air Jason Becker.. that is amazing dude this is Exotic Scale Free Lessons needed!!

This is the Best Exotic Scale Free Lessons, i collected and inspiration from the great guitarist in the world :
Double Harmonic: C - Df - E - F - G - Af - B - C
Spanish 8 Tone: C - Df - Ef -E -F -Gf - Af - Bf - C
Major Phrygian: C - Df - E -F -G -Af -Bf -C
Major Locrian: C -D -E -F -Gf -Af -Bf -C
Lydian Minor: C -D -E -Fs -G -Af -Bf -C
Overrtone: C- D- E- Fs- G- A- Bf- C
Arabian: C -D -E -F -Gf -Af -Bf -C
Spanish: C -D -f -E -F -G -Af -Bf -C
Egyptian: C -D -F -G -Bf -C
Persian: C -Df -E -F -gF -Af -B -C
Aeolian: C -D -Ef -F -G -aF -Bf -C
Hawaiian: C -D -Ef (f grace note) -G -A -B -C


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Have Fun !!

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