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Electric synth Guitar or also can called Guitar synthesizer is another guitar variant, but this is different with your thinking, this is another music instrument but sound like guitar. If you want to play electric synth guitar or guitar synth, you need to learn about keyboard. This is very important because electric guitar synth sound is very close with keyboard knowledge, e.g about chord and note on keyboard that is why you must to know it, ok guy.. like another post, to improve your knowledge about electric synth guitar or guitar synthesizer, you can read this.. i found in wikipedia..
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A guitar synthesizer (also guitar/synthesizer, guitar/synth, g-synth, synth guitar, guitar-synth, or guitar synth) is any one of a number of musical instrument systems that allow a guitar player to play synthesizers. While the term "MIDI guitar" is often used as a synonym for the field of guitar/synthesis or for a guitar/synthesizer, MIDI is not always used. While most synthesizers use a keyboard interface to allow the performer to play the instrument, because synthesizers generate sounds electronically, a range of input devices can actuate them. A guitar/synthesizer provides an interface that is familiar to a guitarist, allowing the guitarist to play synthesized sounds through the guitar. This diminishes the need for the guitarist to learn to play a keyboard, and allows for musical effects natural for a guitar, but difficult or impossible for a keyboard.

There are two main types of guitar/synthesizers: those that are regular electric guitars equipped with electronic sensors that actuate a synthesizer, and those that are guitar-like MIDI controllers. Both types have advantages and disadvantages. Recently, software guitar synthesizers have appeared that require no special pickups (See the music game LittleBigStar). Also, not to be confused with true guitar/synths, some manufacturers of effects units market guitar/synth pedals that make a guitar sound more like a synthesizer.

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