Misa Digital Guitar - the real Digital for Guitarist

Misa Digital Guitar - the real Digital for Guitarist, MISA DIGITAL GUITAR from misadigital.com Sydney, Australia, is the new amazing guitar, this is the digital dude, Misa Digital Guitar is MIDI Controller, this is not for change the real guitar but it's another variant of guitar like acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and of course this is new thing "digital guitar" from Misa Digital.

"Misa Digital Guitar" Powered by Kernel Linux, nice interface. Misa Digital Guitar have the look appears as like real guitar, 24 fret of guitar, and to play it just touch your screen on the Misa Digital Guitar. Sound defending your finger touch power, this is nice yeah? To use Misa Digital Guitar you can play it with computer with synthesizer of sound card, you can also play it with MIDI interface like keyworf with MIDI inluded.

Misa Gigital Guitar - the real Digital Guitar for Guitarist? yups this is nice !!

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