Play speed lick on guitar isn't easy

Play speed lick on guitar isn't easy?, we know that to Play Guitar on Acoustic or Electric Guitar is not easy for beginner, we must to know about Guitar lessons and the right method. Yeah many of source to learn about Guitar Lessons lie on this Online Guitar Lessons blog. Now, talk about Guitar Speed, why i post and make the tittle "Play speed lick on guitar isn't easy" because it's really hard, you must learn everything about speed guitar lick, tempo and of course you must play accurate.

I have two student who learn guitar lessons to me, one of them always practice every day and another one isn't, so who the better after two month? yes.. the 1st is the best. Guitar is not only talk about lessons, but the most importan you must practice more and more. I love guitar, so i always practice in everytime i can, if you want really want to be the great guitarist and can play everything guitar tehnique and of course you can play fast, you must do everything i talk before..
This is my experince and i hope you can get the right thing on this post..
Have fun.. ROCK !!

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