Jimi Hendrix king of blues technique

Jimi Hendrix? If you are the real guitarist, you know Hendrix, yeah he is the amazing guitarist with unique personality, he can play guitar like for fun, Yeah Hendrix is amazing. Master guitar as like Joe Satriani and Yngwie Malmsteen like him, usually Master Guitars Play Jimi Hendrix songs. One thing that i love from Jimi Hendrix is Blues Guitar Scale. Ok that is right. Blues Scale is very nice for play, more easy but more power full for jamming. You can try play guitar and use chord A - D - E with A blues scale. This is very basic from Blues Scale but every guitarist love it. Why? because it's easy to play. Paul Gilbert can play Blues scale with speed tempo, and it;s is awesome !!

Jimi Hendrix inspired me to play more Blues technique, Blues sclae can mix with other Guitar scale like Harmonic minor or Pentatonic scale. You can play Blues scale like Hendrix style. If you play blues scale one time, you will want to play it again more and more, this is very fun with jamming session. So.. no words again to say from me, just Hendrix you are amazing to inspired every Guitarist in the world !!

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