My Electric guitar and my acoustic Guitar

My Electric guitar and my acoustic Guitar - Guitar is very important for me, yeah like breath ha.. ha.. this is my guitars, The Fender Stratocaster and my arista guitar, on the center of the picture and right. On the left picture is my friend Guitar. Why i choose Fender? because it's very simple, the classical model from Fender Guitar, the arista acoustic guitar is my first guitar from my Dad .. thanks Dad.

1. Fender Electric Guitar
i use this guitar for my daily playing guitar, i learn about sweep guitar, slide, speed picking, try on my guitar effect and it's awesome. I can play song like "Canon D rock version" and more... i love this guitar, i will upload my Video sometime ^_^

2. Arista Acoustic Guitar
It's very simple, but sound is nice, i learn about guitar chord on this guitar, i remember that it's hard to play guitar for the first time ha.. ha.. I bought it when i was 13 years old.

For all of my friend and my blog visitor. If you want to play guitar, you must have two of guitar, there is Acoustic Guitars and Electric Guitars. The Acoustic guitar can you use for learn classical guitar song, and the Electric guitar for learn modern music like Rock or something else, you can use it for learn tapping, speed picking, sweep, and more... ^_^

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