My students want to learn guitar again!!

After a few months, two of my guitar students, came again to my house, they want to re-learn play guitar with me. Wow .. This surprises me, I am happy because they still remember me. After several minutes of talking, I want to see, whether they're good at playing guitar? the answer is yes! now they are good at playing guitar, this means that I give guitar lessons for their advance was successful.

Actually I was confused, what should I give back to them, all the guitar lessons I have given to them, all the basics they have mastered playing the guitar. They simply said "we want to play guitar more better" and the problem for them is to play tempo. As we know, tempo are the most important thing in playing the guitar, we can not play poorly, we should be able to accompany the music fit.

So, I will be giving a guitar lesson on tempo, this is actually not only play guitar, but how to play good music. So .. pray for me so I can give a best teach guitar with them ... welcome back my students .. let's play the guitar together! Admin ^_^

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