Slash concert in Jakarta with All Local Rock Star !!

This month, Slash was play concert in Jakarta, something that it's more beautiful is, We as the guitarist and Rock Song Lover "Miss Slash Performance" after He out from GNR, the Slash Fans was missing "Slash Show". Here is some information about Slash and His Concert in Jakarta and play with All Local Rock Start.. check this out .. for you Slash Fans and Guitarist !!

JAKARTA - Indonesian Mahaka Rockstars Entertainment has prepared to perform as an opening band Slash concert in Jakarta, August. "We'll open with 'All Indonesia Rockstars', we consider this new innovation, we hope all our Indonesian rockers here, with Different bands. We take the front man, hopefully more later succeeded Slash lively concert, "said Hasani Abdulgani encountered at Kamasutra, Crowne Plaza, Jakarta, Tuesday (05/11/2010).

According to him, Indonesian rockers actually also my level with world musicians. "I'll ask the same Slash after the gig. Indonesia he certainly would have thought baseball had a great rocker, "Hasani joke. Indonesian Rockstar will be sustainable. He said the name was interesting and if I can do to just be onstage.

"The plan we'll unify the musicians in Indonesia. Later the singer not only me alone, maybe later Roy Boomerang and the guitarists are not Abdee Slank, lest we turn to the next patient, "added Brenda / Rif.(source and translated from:okezone)

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Andy Rogers how to get gigs Friday, 20 August, 2010  

good to hear their purpose in there concert. musician should work and support each other since they have the common goal. that is to entertain people.

GaN's Friday, 20 August, 2010  

@Andy : Yeah.. it's all about entertain and fun.. I was very happy with Slash Concert...

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