What the Slash reasons want to Play in Jakarta? Bali !!

Okay guys.. it's the interesting news that i found about Slash or Slash Concert in Jakarta a few days ago. I thing it's very Funny and yeah i will like too.. so What the Slash reasons want to Play in Jakarta? yes you're right.. Beautiful of Bali may make Slash want to take a concert in Jakarta.. but who know.. it's just for fun news.. check this out..

We all know that artists from the United States would count a thousand times for a gig in Jakarta. Reasons of security from terrorist attacks is one of them. So, why Slash will perform to Jakarta?

"Initially I cooed Slash, 'do you like Bali?' He said, 'oh yes, yes'. Yes I have, you're playing in Indonesia and all holidays to Bali, "said President Director of Mahaka Entertainment, Hasani Abdulgani, met in Kamasutra, Crowne Plaza, Jakarta, Tuesday (05/11/2010).

A week later, he added, Mahaka got confirmation from Slash that he will perform in Jakarta. "Jakarta, okay," said Hasani.(source and translated from:okezone)

Okay Slash have fun with your tour and don't forget to come back again to Jakarta and Bali .. We Love You !! ROCK !!!!!!

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