How much time to learn and playing guitar?

How much time to learn and playing guitar? Guys.. I have learned guitar for six months, I got a lot of guitar lessons and knowledge in my guitar course. Truly, if you asking to me "How much time to learn and playing guitar" it's defending your skill and your talent, and the most important is focus to do that. Playing guitar is not all about talent, but consistent training is must be the number one. Did you know Joe Satriani? He can play guitar in 1 years as well and be the guitar master today.. that's amazing right?

Sometimes we feel tired, sometimes we fell that leaning guitar is hard, but, in fact, learning the guitar is easy, we just need a little time and our seriousness. I want to share my experience, I have taught how to learn guitar on two of my students, when I first time and met them, I think only one will successfully to play the guitar as well, one of them has a great talent, but what happened, he failed, and someone that i thing will failed is success and He can play guitar with easy !! so what is the secret and what happens to them? seriousness and perseverance is the secret. The time that required by them to play guitar and learned from me  is 1 year.

1 person with good talent but not serious has failed to play guitar as well
1 person with bad talent but very serious and focus = SUCCESS !! He is good guitar players !!  

How much time to learn and playing guitar? it's defending your seriousness !!
Good Luck and I hope you things more again about playing guitar is hard..

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