Guitar Rig is my favorite Guitar Effect Software

We know that Guitar Effect is very important for all guitarist who want to make a great sound with their guitar, but, what is the best guitar software for us? There are many of guitar effect software as like Guitar FX, and also Guitar Rig, but i thing Guitar Rig is my favorite Guitar Effect Software !! why? because the guitar rig software have a great sound and almost perfect for me, it's simple to get the many of sound with guitar rig, plug in your guitar to your computer, and then play it.. !!

Today, i don't know what the latest version of guitar rig, but i still use guitar rig 2 on my pc, if you like another version of guitar rig software, you can read in here - guitar rig 3, and here - guitar rig 4, You may also visit the guitar rig official website on native instrument. Guys.. we know that it's not easy to find what is the best guitar software, but trust me, guitar rig is cool and awesome.. I was try to find the best guitar software, and i thing guitar rig is very great.. try it and you will know it...
Here is some guitar rig information from my loder post on this guitar lessons blog :

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3. How to install and use guitar rig 

Okay that's all.. good luck

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