Electric Synth Guitar on Godin xtSA Electric Guitar

Electric Synth Guitar on Godin xtSA Electric Guitar - electric synth guitar is very popular today, every guitarist love guitar synth like me ha.., ok brother, you know Godin xtSA Electric Guitar? now it's came with electric synth. Godin xtSA Electric Guitar give you to access delivers electric with the Godin humbucker single-humbucker pickup configurations and with 5 way switching on the setup. nice yeah .. ^_^ if you don't know about guitar synth, you van read my post before it about electric synth guitar knowledge. oh yeah to get this guitar you must paying $868.26

""Extra meaty humbucker tones co-exist with glassy split-coil sounds in the second and fourth positions. Turn down the electric output and raise the volume on the RMC transducer saddles and the xtSA becomes an incredibly authentic-sounding "acoustic" guitar, enhanced by an onboard preamp with 3-band EQ. The electric and acoustic voices can be blended using a single patch cord or at the mixer/amp using both outputs. A built-in 13-pin connector provides direct access to all Roland GR-Series synths as well as most other 13-pin devices. read more --> Electric Synth Guitar on Godin xtSA Electric Guitar

* Body: silverleaf maple center with poplar wings
* Ebony fingerboard
* Mahogany neck
* 25-1/2" scale
* Godin humbucker-single-humbucker pickup configuration
* Tremolo bridge with RMC transducers and custom preamp with 3-band EQ for acoustic sound
* 3 outputs: electric, acoustic/mix, 13-pin for Roland GR synths and most other 13-pin devices

The Godin xtSA guitar incorporates the same 25-1/2" scale and mahogany neck used on the LGX-SA guitar (Product #511919). The ebony fingerboard is shaped with Godin's ergocut technique and equipped with medium jumbo frets. The body has a silverleaf maple center with poplar wings and is decorated with a figured maple veneer on top."" at music123[dot]com.

Need this one? i thing if you like it, maybe you can go to the website that sell this electric synth guitar. I never used electric synth guitar, because i just only love real guitar like Ibanez PGM ... ^_^...

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